Conditioning For Cyclists

If you are a cyclist looking to add some off the bike conditioning to your training you have come to the right place. The benefits include injury prevention (or rehabilitation), improved strength and power on the bike, and improved efficiency and comfort when riding. A conditioning program with me will focus on the areas that need  developing the most across the spectrum from flexibility to core control to strength and power.

My conditioning programs are highly personalised, based on individual assessment and tailored to the time and space you have available. I do not use any ‘general’ program for individual clients and this tailored approach can help you resolve underlying issues that have been holding you back as well as developing a more robust body for enhanced cycling performance.

Conditioning Package

Most exercise programs are designed to run for 8-12 weeks before a review. Sometimes making some small changes at the halfway point can help maximize the physical adaptions to the exercises. The visual below explains the steps in the process that we will work through as you get your conditioning underway.


We will start with a physical assessment and consultation, and then I will go away to look over the results and design you a program. We will then get together for two coaching sessions, where we will work through the exercises. Leaving a gap between the two sessions allows you to have a go at the exercises yourself, absorb the information, and come back to me with any queries before we add the second part of the program. Light e mail contact and phone call support throughout the 8-12 weeks is part of the package, to ensure you are confident with what you are doing, and can keep progressing effectively.

Conditioning package prices

A conditioning package with me, covering the assessment, program design and two coaching sessions costs £350. This price is based on £70/hour, rounded down.

Follow-on Conditioning Programs

A follow up assessment/review at the end of the coaching period is important, as your body will change as a result of the exercises. Assessing what is changing easily and what is not will help me design some progressions going forwards, or leave you with a maintenance program that is effective for the longer term. I usually recommend accounting for a second program within six months, especially if you are looking to resolve an underlying problem/issue. Thereafter, I will do my best to make recommendations to provide a ‘maintenance’ program, and how to manage your conditioning longer term. If your budget allows, a new program every 3 months to dove-tail with the seasons is optimal.

Follow-on Conditioning Prices

Assessments/review will be charged at £70/hour. A follow on program is usually £210 for 3 hours (comprising 1 hour for each – reassessment, program design, and exercise coaching).