Beyond Bike fitting

Every once in a while a client falls into my lap who I know is going to become a teacher. If I’m honest my first reaction is a sense of dread and responsibility. I can tell immediately from their history that they are seeking solutions, journeying towards a better understanding of their body and themselves. That journey has often taken them to several specialists before they get to me, and I’m keen to avoid making promises I can’t keep. Equally though, I really want to help. As cyclists, these clients... Read the Rest →


“Health and Fitness” – What’s in a word?

Those two words are couched together so that they are often presumed to be synonymous, but I don’t believe that’s always the case. On the simplest level, if you’ve got a cold or the flu, how fit do you feel? (I’m sure a lot of us can relate to that one right now). And can you demonstrate or display your fitness in any way while you are unwell? If you were tested in that moment of illness your fitness would be found lacking, and yet you are not really ‘unfit’... Read the Rest →


On pain and patience – a cyclists story

Time flies when you’re having fun, but for a cyclist with back pain it can stretch out for what seems like forever. It’s now a year since Phil came to me for a bike fit to try to resolve his back and leg pain, and seven months since we started consistently working on corrective conditioning to get to the bottom of the problem. I know this sounds like a long time, but with chronic musculo-skeletal problems, it can be a long road to recovery, which is why I’m inviting you... Read the Rest →


What is the cyclists mythical ‘flat back’, and why should we all aim for it..

The ‘flat back’ position sought after by cyclists has excited the interest of many commentators, fans and onlookers, and by most accounts has been the mark of a good rider. The beginner will give themselves away by their higher handlebar position and more upright upper body, while proper riders ‘slam’ their stem with a more notable ‘drop’ from saddle to bars, achieving a more aggressive, ‘racier’ position and a ‘flatter’ back. The flat back is to bike posture what souplesse is to the pedalling action; It is a sign of... Read the Rest →


Letter to my younger self

I know you’re anxious, and a bit excited too, at the start of your career in fitness. The academic stuff has reached the end of the road, and you’ve turned your back on cycling, at least for now. So this is it. You’ve got to make your own way in the world of work. I also know that you feel like a failure and you’re going through your first heartbreak and everything, but It’s going to be O.K. It really is. So here are a few things I’d like to... Read the Rest →


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